Strength in Uncertainty

Updated: Jun 28

11:00 AM Thursday Nov 14, 2019 at Wairarapa Times-Age

"At a time when many farmers feel under pressure from government legislation and face an uncertain future, the Agri-Women’s Development Trust hope to equip farmers with the tools to adapt.

The trust is inviting farmers, both men and women, to attend a speaker series on Monday night to learn about creating stronger businesses in times of uncertainty.

Trust founder and Alfredton farmer Lindy Nelson will MC the evening and talk about the psychology of change.

“I’ve been looking a lot at what’s happening in the world around this idea of how to make sense of very volatile situations,” she said."

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Amplifying Us

A place to amplify women’s voices – particularly around food, food production, food security, and the challenges of leading in this complex world of Climate Change. 

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