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Lindy Nelson

Is a visionary leader, unafraid to tackle challenges, and driven to make a difference in the New Zealand primary industry. She believes women hold the key to support and lead much of the change that needs to happen globally. Her personal philosophy around diversity and inclusion is “leave no one behind”.


How has Lindy been supporting women’s empowerment?

Her work in the New Zealand Agriculture sector started 28 years ago, moving to a rural area and managing a country sheep and beef operation along with her husband. The lack of women's voice in the Agriculture world made Lindy believe it was time for action, to support women and feminine leadership. After three years of research, Lindy saw her work coming into the form with "Unlocking Potential", a research paper that meant the beginning of new projects.

In 2009, she founded the Agri-Women’s Development Trust that has led to a transformation in NZ’s food and agricultural sector through unleashing the talent of women. Lindy also led the design and implementation of leading-edge leadership and governance programs in which over 4,000 women have participated.


In 2013, she was NEXT Business Woman of the Year and was nominated as one of the Top Ten Women in Agriculture by Primary Magazine.

In 2016, she was named as a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit (MNZM) for services to agriculture and women.

In 2017, with a few friends, she supported Theresa Gutting to bring to life Worldwomen17, a three-day event that brought renowned international speakers to a 480-strong urban and rural audience.

In 2018, she travelled to Papua New Guinea to address Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation on empowering women in agriculture as well as offered strategic advice to the Scottish Government to develop a strategy for agri-women.

In 2020, she joined the 2020 Global Advisory board for Women in Food and Agriculture.



Amplify women's leadership within the spheres of food production/security. Connect, inspire to action, and help women see themselves as not only belonging but also essential.


By 2025, see women engaged in solving major world problems such as sustainable food systems, food insecurity, water and climate challenges.

By 2050, normalize solutions designed by women.


Amplifying- Our voices, our actions provide a connection to our own truth and journeys.

Wisdom- Providing a platform to share the wisdom of women to/for other women.

Belonging- A landing place where women feel they belong in the conversation.


Amplifying the connection between farming, food, food security, and women's leadership.

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